Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Help! Are there any websites for screenwriters?

Ask the Literary Agent

Question: Help! I'm right in the middle of writing my first treatment for my debut screenplay and I could definitely use some help. Are there any websites designed specifically for screenwriters?

Literary Agent Michele Glance Rooney Answers:

You're in luck! There are several websites that cater to screenwriters that are filled with tons of valuable information. I highly recommend the following websites:

1. The Hollywood Creative Director

2. Hollywood Scriptwriter

3. Screenwriter's Resource Center

4. Screenwriter's Utopia

Michele Glance Rooney is a literary agent and the director of the Michele Glance Rooney Literary Agency. You can e-mail her questions about screenwriting at michelroon@aol.com She will answer the most relevant questions about screenwriting in future editions of this blog.